Sales Department

Eliseo “Eddy” Del Real – Manager

Eliseo Del Real most commonly known as Eddy is the youngest son of Jose Del Real, founder and owner of Del Real Auto Sales. Eddy was born and raised in Lafayette until moving to Rossville where he graduated from High School. While attending high school Eddy participated in wrestling and also helped out at Del Real Auto Sales with sales and other managing tasks. After graduation Eddy went on to study at Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Management.   Eddy’s compromise to providing the best customer service possible is a great asset to Del Real Auto Sales. On his spare time Eddy enjoys playing softball and spending time with his wife and three beautiful children

Hector “Tito” Vargas – Sales Manager

Hector is native of Guanajuato, Mexico he migrated to Illinois at age 17, where he worked and attended a church youth group. Hector eventually joined the choir at St. Gertrude’s Parish where he traveled to other churches and participated in retreats. It was a retreat where he met his now wife Angie, daughter of Jose Del Real. Hector and Angie married in 2003 and after relocating to Lafayette Hector began to work at Del Real Auto Sales. Hector’s charisma has made him a well-known person in the community to which he has given a lot of time to. Hector served in the St. Boniface Hispanic Youth Group Coordination Group for 9 years. In his spare time Hector enjoys photography while also spending time with his wife and three amazing children. There is no doubt that Hector’s experience in the business and his interaction with the community makes him an amazing addition to the Del Real Team.
Hector Avila – Sales & Marketing

Hector joined Del Real Auto Sales in 2009 after finishing high school at Lafayette Jefferson High School where he excelled in the soccer program. While in high school he was known for being part of clubs that pertained to public justice issues. In 2009 Hector received the Lafayette Rotary Club Youth Leadership Award for his leadership and concern for his community. Starting by just answering phones, cleaning, and running errands, Hector quickly showed his interest and passion for cars. After being taught the traits of the business Hector quickly was given other responsibilities such as attending customers, working in accounts receivables, and managing the marketing of the business. Currently Hector studies at Ivy Tech Community College in the Business Administration program eventually planning to transfer to a four year University. In his spare time Hector enjoys his time playing soccer, relaxing with friends and volunteering in the community.